About SoPo

We have created a platform that lets people know what does the world think about any subject or topic. This has been made possible by polling.

First things first,

What do we NOT mean by polling:

We are not focusing on comparing 2 products/shirts/photos. We are not making one MORE platform to connect like minded people.

What do we mean by polling:

We see polls as way to spark a conversation between people with different ideologies and to keep the conversation focused we have limited it 2 choices- diPolls. Through diPolls we can get to know about the other side of our opinion. What we really want to compare is different ideologies and bring people with differences closer. We want to make SoPo a place where our differences matter.

The diPolls on our platform are LIVE for 24 hours which keeps the conversation relevant and lively. Every diPoll has 2 sides So(left) and Po(right), users can support and vote for the side they support.

For ex- Do you think the above written answers precisely the question asked?

Option So - Yes, I got everything that I was looking for.

Option Po- No, but I will still look into the remaining form.

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