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What can you do on SoPo?

1. diPolls

We have narrowed polls to 2 choices, called diPolls, in order to have a focused conversation. To make it more engaging we have made sure that a diPoll is not a one time affair ie vote and move forward, we have designed it to work like a LIVE football match (being LIVE for 24 hours), updating the users with the score regularly and an option to react on that score.

2. Add attachments to diPolls

Since a diPoll has the power to spark a conversation on any topic we have made sure that sparking that conversation is much more easier. Every poll on every other platform consists of a question and options, to drive more conversation we have added an option to attach video/article/image with the question. Now users can start a diPoll on a video they might find interesting or an article that they would want to know what people think about.

3. Voice voting

We are working on making voting more personalised and authentic. There's nothing better than your own voice to be used to voice your opinion. Your voice. Your vote.

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